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Beyond Buckles and Banners

Not long ago one of our son's stock show friends asked me if we loved our daughter more than our son.  We all laughed.  Deep down, though, this question he jokingly asked has been a concern for me.  Of course we do not!!  However, I have wondered if from the outside looking in it might seem like we favor our daughter over our son.  While she was having a fantastic last year and a half or so, our son has seemed to have nothing but bad luck in the stock show game. I could go into all the details about what has happened over the last couple of years to cause our boy to have to drag around a couple of heifers he was frankly pretty embarrassed about (especially after about a decade of experience under his belt), but I will not bore anyone with that.  His Dad and I have had so many conversations about what to do, what move to make next, what ties to break or not, who would be the best to help him succeed in his last 2 years of showing, and what route to take with his next project.  We ha

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