I didn't choose the ag life...

This is not a cow.  I did not used to know that.  This, my friends, is a heifer.  A bovine animal that has not yet given birth to a calf.  For a certain population of the world, that is old news!  To this girl in her  mid-twenties that was new information given to me by my husband as he laughed at me.

He has laughed at me a lot over the years.

My hubby grew up around cattle and showed livestock in school.  While he was showing livestock (at the same school as I, by-the-way), I was playing sports, in color guard, and writing for the school newspaper.  (Deep down, I am absolutely as nerdy as that makes me sound, but I hid it fairly well!)  I knew we had an Ag barn, and I knew there were animals in there, but I had no idea what went on in that barn.  I just knew it smelled pretty bad.

I smell exactly like that barn right now.

In past blog posts, I've made it clear that I didn't buy into this whole thing right at first.  Nope.  Thought it was kind of dumb.  Why on earth would you blow dry calves' hair?  They have hairspray??  Why can't we just get a calf out of the pasture; we have to buy one?  Why are the animals eating better than we are in February and March?  I thought it was a little ridiculous and I started to resent my husband for the amount of time and energy he devoted to it.  

I am now completely in love with everything about this stock show life.

I have been blogging for quite a while, but I started to realize the posts that people responded to the most were my posts about livestock showing and youth involved in agriculture based activities.  As a matter of fact, a blog I wrote in 2016 called Raised in a Barn exploded and was even published in a livestock showing magazine called Purple Circle.  It shocked me, actually, that of everything I've ever written (and I've written a lot of things in my life!) that article seemed to resonate the most with people.  The feedback I've received from my livestock showing writing has prompted me to create this blog site dedicated to the adventures my family end up in with stock showing.  I also want to spread awareness about the importance of Agriculture Education for Youth - something I never would have seen as vital until I saw first-hand the difference it has made in my children.  

So, you see... the Ag life chose me!

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And, stay tuned!


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